Raleigh's Poultry Farm
                                                                                                                        "Serving the Long Island Community for 60 Years"


Raleigh's Poultry Farm

"Serving the Long Island Community for 60 Years"

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​** Closed for all major holidays**

Thanksgiving - Ordering dates for Thanksgiving 2018 will begin on Thursday, November 1st​.

 We carry organic/free-range whole turkey and turkey breast for your Thanksgiving holiday. Due to large quantities, we
  ask that orders be placed at least (1) week in advance. The price for Thanksgiving 2018 is still being finalized, however
  our customers can expect whole turkey cost between $4.50-$4.75/lb and turkey breasts between $5.95-$6.50/lb.
  Turkeys are ordered in two-pound weight increments. The smallest weight catagory is 10-12 lbs. and the largest is 30+

  We also carry homemade pies, desserts and pastries. All dessert items must be ordered in advance. Our complete list is:

     Apple Pie                               
     Apple Crumb Pie                    
     Blueberry Pie                         
     Cherry Pie                              
     Coconut Custard Pie               
     Strawberry Rhubarb Pie         
     Mixed Berry Pie                  
     Peach Pie                               
     Peach-Blueberry Pie             

  We offer a wide variety of fresh fall vegetables that will be available on pick-up day. Stay tuned for more information.

Christmas / Hanukkah  - Ordering dates for Christmas and Hanukkah 2018 will be announced soon.

Easter / Passover - Ordering dates for Easter and Passover 2019 will be announced soon.
335 Old Indian Head Road
Kings Park, New York 11754

     Pumpkin Pie                       
     Pecan Pie                   
     Chocolate Creme Pie                 
     Banana Creme Pie                      
     Coconut Creme Pie           
     Chocolate-Peanute Butter Pie    
     Lemon Meringue Pie               
     Mince-Meat Pie                             
     Homemade Cornbread (6x4x4 Loaf)               

     Raspberry Crumb Square Platter    
     Brownie Platter                   
     Raspberry Crumb / Brownie Platter Combo              
     Chocolate Chip Cookies             
     Oatmeal Raisin Cookies    
     Peanute Butter Cookies (Wheat Free / Gluten Free)    
     New York Style Cheesecake (Plain or Cherry)            
     Carrot Cake (with or without nuts)                        
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